2010 Grammy Fashion Takeaways

The Grammy Awards are endlessly entertaining, of course for the performances, but also for the quirky statement-making ensembles the attendees wear. There was plenty of eccentricity this year, but here I'll be addressing the more conventional looks and what can be taken away from them for the purposes of everyday dressing..The Now That's a Classy Situation Award: Ryan SeacrestRyan Seacrest is understated elegance at its best. Black and white is a failsafe combo, and I love the straight edge pocket square.  He looks amazing without appearing to have tried at all..The Not So Classy a Situation Award: Mike "The Situation" SorrentinoI'm a little disappointed with The Situation. Don't get me wrong, this outfit is a trainwreck in every sense of the word -- from shiny sleazesuit to chia pet 'do -- but it's really not as bad as I expected. I had my heart set on something along the lines of, oh say, an Ed Hardy tattoo print onesie. With tearaways. He still gets "Unclassiest" though because even on the red carpet, he's gotta flash the flesh. Gymtanlaundry, Gymtanlaundry!.The Best Mixing of Patterns Award: UsherUsher gets pattern-mixing just right with his dotted tie and checked shirt: he employed two different patterns in varying scales but maintained the same color scheme. However, he's got enough going on with the shirt and tie, that he'd have been better off keeping the suit a simple black, which also would have given his combo extra pop. He's bringing Bobby Ewing back with that khaki three-piece with white piping. Polka dots and Dallas menswear don't mix..The Squarest Dude in Crazytown Award: Stephen ColbertIn a sea of clashing prints,

and spooky preacher ties,this year's Grammy host keeps it business as usual with his sharp dark tux and grey tie. It's hard to think of Stephen Colbert as mainstream, but he's downright bland in tonight's company!.The My Razor Was Confiscated by Airline Security Award: Ringo StarrI'm all for scruff, especially in wintertime, but I wish Ringo had tapered the neckline of his beard before heading out tonight. Rather than shaving a straight line along the jawline, which feels self-conscious and faux thespian to me, he would have done better to have found a middle ground and tapered it down his neck using a beard trimmer. That way it would look groomed but still natural.