Five Ways to Chillax Your Suit

If you’re like a lot of guys, you have an ok time putting together a basic business-friendly look with your suit: blue shirt – check; silk tie – check; lace-up oxfords – check. But what do you do when you want to dress your suit down for situations that are more barbecue than boardroom? Below are five stylish ways to inject your everyday suit with a more casual aesthetic.1) Ditch the tie. This works especially well with a button-down collar because it frames your face so nicely (see how much better Brad Pitt looks in the image above with his shirt at attention than George Clooney does with his flopping to the sides?).2) Swap your dress shirt for a casual shirt. Think polo, nice t-shirt, sweatshirt, or rugby. The key here is for these pieces to be fitted so there’s no bunching beneath the suit.

3) Hop into a pair of simple and classic neutral sneakers (I call them “social sneaks,” not to be confused with the sneakers you work out in), and you’ve got instant easygoing mojo.Men's style: suit with sneakers4) I cannot extol the virtues of the henley enough, which is why it gets its own entry separate from #2. Most guys have crewnecks and v-necks, but henleys are next level stuff. Again, the key here is for it to be trim through the body. The guy in the image below gets extra points for the addition of a v-neck beneath his henley -- As I’ve said before, the additional layer adds visual interest.

 5) When you add breezy or cheeky accessories like a ribbon belt, mix-and-match bracelets, or a camo-print handkerchief, the informal swag is automatic. And as always, wear them with confidence!

 What do you think? How do you like to chillax your suit?