Pushing the Envelope the Wrong Way: George Clooney Tux Analysis

Peak vs Notch Lapel TuxI hate to say it because I always think George Clooney looks like a million bucks (and my image and style consulting clients often request looks reminiscent of his signature nonchalance), but I was struck watching last night's Oscars by how much less sharp than usual he looked. Time and time again, we've seen him bang-on in peak and shawl lapel tuxes (which btw are the only "correct" types of lapels for a tux, according to tradition). But last night's rule-breaking notch lapel was, I think, a mistake. Take a look at the images above where the peak lapel is on the left, and the notch is on the right. It's a subtle difference, and of course that's why I love menswear, but he looks sharper, taller (he needs all the help he can get next to Stacey Keibler!), and more built through his chest with the peak lapel. Not to mention, the peak draws the viewer's eye up toward his face, highlighting his eyes, strong features and great haircut. Usually it's the younger guys who are still figuring out their personal style that experiment with tux details (think long ties instead of bowties, etc.), but once you've reached a certain age/sense of style and are known for always nailing classics, there's no reason to push the envelope. At a certain point, you're just pushing it the wrong way.What do you think? Do you prefer the peak to the notch on Clooney too?