Julie is tailor made for CEOs, chairmen and C-suite execs because of her spot-on, no-nonsense approach. I expect top-notch service from the professionals I work with, and I receive it with Julie and her high-performance team.


Shopping is the worst activity imaginable but a breeze with Julie Rath. As a result of working with her, my law firm profile keeps rising. I give pep talks to teams around the world. I need to look the part and I always look like I’m on my A-game.


Julie has an amazing aesthetic. She creates a sense of trust. I have so much more confidence now in the way I dress. I actually want to get out there and interface with people. I never have a morning where I can’t find anything to wear.


Julie is my image consultant as well as my life coach. Clothes are just the medium. She helps with both the outward and mental game of how to present myself to the world to benefit my career and personal life.