Boss Level Layering

With Fall on the way, it's time to get down to the important business of layering.

Layering is THE way to get through transition seasons like Fall and Spring where there can be dramatic fluctuations in temperature at different points in the day. To make Fall shopping easier for you, below I've shared 4 of my top picks to layer with for layering this season, within a range of budgets, so there's something for everyone.

$0-100 Thin Sweater - This sweater is the perfect basic. You can wear it in place of a standard dress shirt under a sportcoat or suit jacket. It can go under a thick button-up shirt, and even under a chunky, textured cardigan sweater.

$100-150 Dressy Hoodie - Another versatile piece of knitwear, this hooded linen blend cardigan is perfect zipped up or left open in place of a jacket on a crisp day. For dressier occasions, you can wear it in place of or under a sportcoat/suit jacket (with or without neckwear).

$150-200 Lightweight Vest - Like the hoodie above, this vest can go beneath a sportcoat/suit jacket (the idea behind this look is that just a portion of the vest or hoodie peeks out on either side of the jacket opening, thereby creating visual interest. Unlike the sweater, however, the vest can also go on top of the jacket. For casual looks, try it as shown above right over a dress shirt and zip-neck sweater. The three collars work together nicely as they frame the face.

$200-250 Denim Overshirt - A.P.C. is a French brand known for high quality denim. A shirt like this will only get better with time. Wear it over a t-shirt, henley, or thin sweater like the first one listed above. Leave it unbuttoned or buttoned just to the bottom of your breastbone.