Clothing Maintenance

So Fresh and So Clean in 2013

It’s always nice to get a fresh start in the new year. Below are 8 suggested style resolutions to help you abandon old ways and embrace new ones. Men's Style: Colorful Dress Shirt1) Incorporate color. Fall and winter are seasons for dark, moody colors, but Spring is the time to work in some pep and optimism. Try a solid shirt in an unexpected shade like this green above. Keep the rest of the look solid to avoid overkill (or eye strain).2) Try a different brand. Too often what I see in new clients’ closets is a lack of variety. While it’s natural to stock up if something works for you, think outside the box in the new year, and experiment with new brands. One that I love is Todd Snyder, which now has a website from which you can order directly.3) Shoe care. An easy way to get right in the new year is to have your shoes refurbished by a good cobbler. My go-to in NYC is The Leather SpaMen's Style: Turtleneck Sweater4) Try a new garment. If you’ve never worn a turtleneck sweater (à la Steve McQueen), now could be the time. They’ve been all over the runways and stores recently, and they’re a great way to up the style ante when done right. Keep the fit trim, the knit fine, the color neutral, and layer it under a suit or sportcoat as an alternative to a dress shirt and tie.5) Whiten your teeth. You can do this with an at-home kit like Crest Whitestrips, or get a stronger solution with custom-made trays from your dentist. Men's Style: Color Blocking6) Embrace a trend. One Spring 2013 trend that's very accessible is color-blocking. This sweater from Tim Coppens with large swaths of color is an easy way to incorporate this look.7) Love your clothes up. Lose the wire hangers from the cleaners (which cause your clothes to become misshapen), and get nice quality wooden hangers, or, if you have space issues, I’m a big fan of these non-slip slim line hangers.8) Get new headshots. If you haven’t done this recently, what are you waiting for? Click for my step-by-step guide.Wishing you all things good and stylish in the new year.Cheers,Julie

Images courtesy of GQ and Black Watch