Boots for Your Suits

These days I often get asked what shoes a guy can wear in the snow that will work with his suit but that won't leave his socks dripping wet or his rear end black and blue by the time he gets to the office. Here are a few things to keep in mind:1.// A pair of overshoes from Neos, Sierra Trading Post or Tingley (above, very sophisticated businessman) are a no-fail option that will save both you and your expensive lace-ups from the elements. Nice dress shoes are an investment after all, and there's no shame in protecting that...........2.// Boot up with a pair of waterproofed lace-up ankle boots with rubber soles for traction. Those above left from Lands' End Canvas ($149) are a good option for the days post-storm where the sidewalks are pretty much cleared and your main goal is to make sure you don't do a face plant in black ice on the way to work. Rubber soles are your friend. For those with deeper pockets, I also like the Alden Plain Toe boot in Kudo leather ($425, above right) because the oiled leather holds up great in mucky weather.........3.// Wear something more classically meant for winter conditions like those from Sorel for CONCEPTS (above left, $180) or Tod's (above right, $545) for the commute and simply change into your dress shoes once you get to the office.Nothing like some boots for your suits to help you protect your assets this winter!