Father's Day Gifts That Do Good

Much of my job is helping other people spend money in intelligent ways. The items my clients buy with me are investments in themselves both personally and professionally. (After all, the right suit can help you get the job or attract the girl.) And I'm always on the lookout for products that also make a difference in the world. It's extra-gratifying to help people find things that not only help them feel great about themselves but that also give back. So this year for Father's Day, I've rounded up the list below of Rath-approved gifts that do good in some way:Men's Style: bracelet/jewelry for menThe Rise Collective Survivor Cuff Man jewelry is a tricky thing to pull off (largely because non-cheesy man jewelry is rather elusive), but when I saw the Tim Ferriss instagram snap above, I had to find out more about this intricate and interesting piece. Turns out, the writing means "survivor" in Cambodian Sanskrit. And with each purchase, The RISE Collective provides a life essential to a survivor or at-risk child of slavery that will help educate, empower and protect them from a life of enslavement. Examples include school supplies, nutrition and health care. Go with matte finish for a more subtle look. $98 Men's Style: Father's Day GiftDavid Family Wines Everest Pinot Noir 100% of the proceeds from your purchase go to Next Generation Nepal's earthquake relief fund. Specifically -- I love how forthcoming they are about exactly how much goes to the charity -- for every bottle they sell, $53.17 will go towards their goal of donating $25,000 to NGN. $95. Men's Style: sunglasses for menTOMS sunglasses Sure, you've seen TOMS shoes all over, but did you know they also make sunglasses? For every pair of shades sold, TOMS will help one person somewhere to achieve better vision -- either by giving a pair of glasses, providing eye exams, or even providing surgery to those in need. The $98 Culver Matte Tortoise above will flatter most face shapes. $68-189 Men's Style: Father's Day GiftsLSTN Headphones From the handcrafted wooden earbuds above to the old school ear-covering phones, LSTN has your listening needs covered. For every pair of headphones sold, they help restore hearing to a person in need. In under 2 years, LSTN has been able to give the gift of sound to over 20,000 people through Starkey in the U.S., Peru, Kenya and Uganda. And if you sign up for their newsletter, you get 20% off your first purchase. $49-199Happy Father's Day!Cheers,Julie