Ebay Find: Wickedly Perfect Brunello Cucinelli Vest

Some of you may remember my very exuberant Valentine's Day ode to a certain gray Brunello Cucinelli outerwear vest. At $1245, however, this piece was not for penny pinchers or those who have been madoffed. So you can imagine the little ache in my stomach when I came across this same epically perfect item on eBay with a starting bid of $535 (size L). If that's still a little rich for your blood, check out its pinstriped compadre with a current bid of $122.50 or BIN $299.99 (size M). The chalk stripes add some visual interest but also make it slightly harder to match than the solid gray. I'm also very into this similar but lighter weight pale blue version for $449 BIN (sizes L, XL and XXL).I was reading a blurb on gq.com about the Italian designer Cucinelli, and I think I finally figured out what it is about his clothes that have me so charmed: the writer describes him with the Italian word "sprezzatura", which loosely means "stylish nonchalance". It's that perfect combination of looking good without looking like you tried. And that's exactly why these vests have me at hello.