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That's What She Said, Vol. 1: Sara Davidson on Dressing for Attraction

I interviewed some of my most successful, smart, and gorgeous girlfriends to find out how important it really is to them for a guy to pay attention to his image and style, and I thought you might be interested in watching what they had to say. The first of these three interviews is with Sara Davidson, business strategist and marketing maven.Click here or on the image below to watch our interview. You'll hear what turns her on and off, and the one thing a guy did that completely changed the way she looked at him (and as a result she couldn't keep her hands off of him).Men's Style for DatingAfter you're done watching the interview, make sure you take my style quiz to see how you rate on a scale of 1 to 10. 

How Powerfully Are You Showing Up?

nls-logoHave you ever wondered how you rate on a scale of 1-10? Fall is practically here, and the holidays right after that. Those are key times to be exuding confidence and looking your best.If you want to get serious about your style, and be taken seriously as a result, I invite you to watch the video I made for you explaining how it all works. I've worked with hundreds of men worldwide, and it's been my incredible privilege to observe how much their lives improve and what opportunities come their way when they upgrade their style.On the same page as the video, you can also take my style quiz. It will show you how you measure up, and what you can do to get to a 10.

Rath Resource: Peter Elliot Blue

Mens Image Consultant Peter Elliot BlueSometimes I forget how lucky I am to live and work in a city with so many fantastic style resources. But then I go into a store like Peter Elliot Blue, and in short order I'm reminded of how fortunate I am. The flagship Peter Elliot store opened on the upper east side in 1977 -- the first independent retailer to carry the line of another young style pioneer you may have heard of, Ralph Lauren. The store has a superb selection (suits/shirts/ties to outerwear to casual clothes and accessories) and is always gorgeously appointed, as you can see above and below. I love how the each pile of pants at left is cleverly wrapped in a belt.Men's Personal Shopper: Peter Elliot BlueIf you haven't yet seen my Behind the Scenes video, part of it was shot at Peter Elliot Blue. Here I am, browsing before the shoot. The clients in the video couldn't get enough of the store either -- they each walked out with purchases!Men's Personal Shopper Peter Elliot Blue_2If you haven't been over to Peter Elliot Blue yet, I encourage you to check it out. It's a true NYC style experience. The store is located at 997 Lexington Ave, at 72nd St.

Get this Party Started: What to Wear for Black Tie Optional and Creative Black Tie

Men's Style: Black TieThere are few things more devastatingly dashing than a man in a beautifully-fitted tuxedo. If you’ve received an invitation for an event calling for “Black Tie Optional” attire, your best option is – you guessed it – Black Tie. Why not take the opportunity to bring out the big guns? I promise, womens' heads will turn, and the other guys not in tuxes will wish they had opted otherwise. Check out this shot above from a recent photo shoot for my new website (coming soon!). Pretty good, right?Relatedly, designers have been showing formalwear looks deconstructed with individual items worn as separates (as seen in my Fall style report). This gives you even more reason to invest in a tux as well as some fun and interesting formalwear elements, which will come in handy when you’re faced with a Creative or Festive Black Tie dress code. Below are my top 5 picks for pieces that will help you mix up your evening gear.Men's Style: Acne Double-Breasted Tuxedo Jacket1) Acne Velvet Double-Breasted Tuxedo Jacket -- Acne made a splash with their fall lineup of swanky eveningwear separates. This jacket speaks for itself, so keep the rest of the look simple and classic. Men's Style: Acne Jacquard Print Pants2) Acne Jacquard Print Pants - These print pants are next-level style at its best. The trim cut calls for a similarly tailored jacket. Men's Style: Michael Bastian Shawl Collar Dinner Jacket3) Michael Bastian Dinner Jacket - For evening wear with a festive twist, I am very much into this tartan shawl collar dinner jacket. The beauty of this piece is that you can wear it formally as shown above with ivory dress pants, but you can also dress it down with a bowtie, denim dress shirt, boots and cords, as seen in this excellent WSJ article on the topic.Alexander McQueen Black and Gold Stripe-Skull Bowtie4) Alexander McQueen Black and Gold Stripe-Skull Bowtie - Bring out your inner rebel with this McQueen bowtie. Let it pop against a crisp white shirt, or give it a moodier edge by pairing it with a black or dark grey shirt. Boss Black Mini Houndstooth Contrast-Collar Shirt5) Boss Black Contrast-Collar Shirt - Sport this mini-houndstooth shirt with a straight black tie and a shawl collar dinner jacket (bonus points for a lapel with contrasting color).Even if you don’t have a formal event on the horizon, consider planning ahead with some swanky evening style that will make things easy when that time comes, which it inevitably will. For my full discussion on how to choose a tuxedo, click here.How do you like to amp up your evening wear? 

Reader Question: Thick Classic Sweaters

 Men's Holiday Gift: Cardigan SweaterQuestion:Hi Julie,Happy holiday season! I hope Black Friday/Cyber Monday treated you well. I'm hoping you might be able to help me out with your amazing knowledge of the menswear market. I bought my husband Stephen a sweater at Mulberry (see photo attached) about 5 years ago (or maybe 6? or 7?) and he has loved the thing to death. It definitely needs to be replaced but I haven't found anything else like it (Mulberry doesn't do men's anymore). It's really really thick and has a high-ish collar and he raves about how warm it is. Do you know where I could find one like it? Are there any men's luxury brands known for doing really thick classic sweaters? Thank you for any guidance you can offer!-JennyMen's Holiday Gift: Cardigan SweaterAnswer:Hi Jenny,Thanks for your email and flattering words! It's funny, I just got a client a similar sweater (in navy) at Barney's today -- from Shipley & Halmos. They do really nice heavy knits that look great on. Also, check out this sweater from Billy Reid, and this one from Ami Alexandre Mattiussi. Let me know how it goes!Cheers,Julie 

The Rath & Co. 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Socks, swords, and a sled built for speedfreaks...What more could you ask for this holiday season? Read on for 15 Rath-approved holiday gifts.


Men's Style: Wool Suiting Square

1) Make a quick getaway from your style rut with this wool suiting pocket square ($10). Wear it with a navy blazer or suit, a light pastel shirt and a dark wool tie.

 Men's Style: Russian Coat of Arms Flask

2) For the drink that's always with you, a stately flask with the Russian coat of arms ($25).

 Men's Style: Etro Herringbone Socks

3) Socks are a holiday gift list mainstay, and these Etro Herringbone socks won't disappoint ($39).



Men's Style: Wool Hat

4) This cozy wool hat ($88) comes in charcoal, navy and cream, so there's something flattering for everyone.

 Men's Style: Oliver Spencer Two-Tone Belt

5) I always like to look for belts that are a bit "different" to help my clients define their style, and this two-tone leather belt ($180) is an excellent find with its unexpected blue buckle.

 Men's Style: Jack Spade Dress Scarf

6) Silk scarves are dressier in feel than their wool or cashmere cousins, but they do work casually. Try one like this Jack Spade dress scarf ($185) draped simply around your neck when a tie is too much and an open collar just isn't cutting it.

 Men's Style: Pierrepont Hicks Tie Case

7) The frequent traveler's defense against wrinkly neckwear: a tie case ($185), this one from Pierrepont Hicks.

 Men's Style: Champagne Saber

8) Nothing says holiday cheer like swordplay. Make like Napoleon, and open your next bottle of champagne with a Champagne Saber ($189). (Yes, you really can open a champagne bottle with a sword; click for a video play-by-play.)


Men's Style: Etro Paisley Scarf

9) Manly yet romantic, this Etro paisley scarf ($245) can take an outfit from zero to sixty with one swift loop around the neck.


Men's Style: Burberry Touch Screen Leather Gloves

10) For the guy who can't afford to be unplugged, try Burberry's touch screen leather gloves ($325). 


Men's Style: Folding Beach Chairs and Table

11) Form and function come together elegantly with this collapsible beach table and chair set ($495) which folds down to the size of a tote bag.


Men's Style: Loro Piana Suede Belt

12) Sophisticated and sumptuous, this Loro Piana suede belt ($500) works with everything from jeans to a suit. And you don't need suede shoes to rock this -- it works just fine with brown leather in a similar shade.

 Men's Style: Thom Browne Briefcase

13) Nothing beats a smooth black briefcase for making a smart and stylish impression. This one from Thom Browne  ($1850) is a handsome option.

Men's Style: Smythson Rotary Watch Case

14) For the watch connoisseur, this solid leather rotary watch case ($3720) from Smythson has two Swiss-made rotators to keep his timepieces in top-notch condition.

 Men's Style: Stealth-X Sled

15) The Snolo High Performance Alpine Sled (price upon request) can hit speeds of over 40 mph on average gradient slopes, and, on top of that, it can be folded into a backpack by collapsing one locking nut. Perfect for the speed demon with space issues.

What's on your wish list this holiday season?

Give 'Em the Boot

Are you ever stuck with what to wear on your feet when the weather turns foul? Today the sun's shining in NYC, but recent events prove the need for protective footwear. Below are my top 6 picks in a range of styles.Men's Style: Grenson Spike Boots1) Grenson Spike ($485) -- For the sharp-dressed man, these Grensons are an update on the traditional LL Bean duck boot (another solid option if you're a more of a traditionalist). Don't be afraid to rock them with a suit.


Men's Style Blundstone 500 Boots2) Blundstone 500 ($150) -- These boots were originally made for ranchers in the Australian outback, so they should be able to handle a trek through midtown Manhattan. The water-resistant leather keeps you dry without sacrificing style, and the front and back pulls and elastic side panels make them easy to pull on and off.


Men's Style Concepts x Sorel Boots

3) Concepts x Sorel ($250) -- I am very much into the handsomely quirky combination of materials on these boots: leather + herringbone + rubber = perfection. On top of that, they're seam-sealed waterproof and have a removable washable liner for when your dogs bark.


Men's Style: Diemme Roccia Vet

4) Diemme Roccia Vet ($373) --This medium blue packs the perfect punch of color when you want to think outside the box -- but not too far outside it. It also comes in a number of other color combinations (many of them not for the faint-hearted), which you can view here. The flexible, no-slip vibram sole will keep you upright even during an arctic blast.


Men's Style: DVS Yodeler Snow Boots

5) DVS Shoe Company Yodeler Snow ($130) -- Another completely waterproof option, the Yodelers were designed by pro snowboarder John Jackson. Though they're undeniably sporty, they also have a sleek vibe that works for city life just as well as mountainside.


Men's Style: Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere Lined Winter Boot

6) Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere Lined Winter Boot ($1120) -- Definitely an investment, these high-performance babies are lined with the brand's signature premium cashmere. They're elegance meets functionality at its best. And if you take care of them, they'll last a lifetime.


Designers and stores alike have been putting increased emphasis on stylish, weather-friendly boots over the past few seasons. And that's good news because you no longer have to rely on frumpy footwear to get you through the muck. Even if you don't consider yourself a boot guy, or have never owned anything like this, I encourage you to try it out. It's a great way to mix things up with your wardrobe. Don't forget, if you're going to be in an office all day, it's perfectly fine to carry your dress shoes and change into them once you arrive. And if you're wondering about the tucking question, I wrote an entire article on that: click. But whatever you do, promise me you won't brave the cold without a solid pair of boots this winter.Do you have a favorite boot from this list -- or otherwise? Leave me a comment below.

Glasses: Not Just for Nerds Anymore

Men's Style: GlassesIt used to be that sporting glasses was reserved for nerds like Lewis and Gilbert above. There was a stigma attached to it, so the people who did wear them only did so because they absolutely had to, and/or because they didn't really care that much about their appearance.But over the course of the past decade, all that has changed. There are tons of options for stylish frames, and glasses are now used as a tool for expressing one's personal style. Check out heartthrob Jon Hamm in a classic black frame below. The look is clean, confident and smart.Men's Style: GlassesIf you're thinking about updating your look, glasses are a fantastically handy way to do so. Read on for my tips on choosing a pair of frames. And by the way, if you don't need glasses, don't feel left out. Plenty of people sport specs sans prescriptions.SHAPE1) Angular-shaped glasses read as authoritative, while glasses with rounded shapes make you look approachable.Men's Style: Glasses2) There's a lot of information out there about what shape faces should wear what shape glasses. To me, it's less about rules and more about choice. If you wear the same shape glasses as that of your face, you'll reinforce that face shape; if you wear the opposite shape, it will balance your face shape. So there's no "bad" or "good" here. Rather, it's what you choose to play up. As a specific example, if you have a round face and want to look tougher and more commanding, I recommend wearing glasses that are squared off. Luxottica CEO Andrea (above) is doing just that.3) The sides of your glasses should end between the corners of your eyes and the sides of your face. (However, if you have a long and narrow face and want to balance that, look for shapes that extend slightly beyond your temples so as to create width in your face. Also, people with long and narrow faces should avoid very small frames.) COLOR AND MATERIALMen's Style: Glasses4) A very dark frame can make a strong, dramatic statement (it's also trendy). If this is what you're going for, be careful that the dark frame doesn't overwhelm your own coloring. Check out the guy on the left above -- his own coloring and features stand up to the heavy frames. In comparison, the dark frames on the right dominate Brad Pitt's facial features. On him, you see the frames first before you see his face.5) Choose a color or type of metal that works with your own coloring. If your skin tone is warm, go with warm-colored frames; if it's cool, go with cool-colored frames. Hint: if you have grey hair, a silver frame can play off of that nicely.6) Metal frames have a more modern and dressy feel, and plastic reads more casual. Tortoise frames have a preppy and collegiate vibe.7) Avoid transition lenses, as they often end up in an unflattering middle-ground of lens color -- not quite dark enough to be sunglasses and distractingly shaded for when out of UV-light. They also don't darken inside vehicles, so they don't work as driving glasses.DETAIL8) If you have a broad nose or wide-set eyes, go with frames that have a darker nose piece or bridge, as this will make your nose look smaller and bring your eyes closer together visually. A light nose piece will "open up" the space between close-set eyes and make them appear farther apart.Men's Style: Glasses9) Think about whether you want a logo on the side or not. I often find that the more heavy-handed logos can cheapen a look. One brand that I love for its subtlety is Persol (see above) -- its logo doesn't say the brand name anywhere. It's just a classy-looking design.PROPORTION10) The lenses should leave just the right amount of space around your eyes: not so much that they're out of proportion to your features, but not so little that they crowd (and therefore diminish) your eyes.FIT AND FEEL11) When you try on frames, think about how they feel physically. Are they comfortable? This is important, as they'll be hanging out on your face all day.12) Be careful not to get frames that are so heavy that you're constantly pushing them back up your nose.When you're shopping for glasses, find a store where they take pictures of you in the different contenders that you can look at on a screen side by side. You can also bring a camera and compare photos yourself. Glasses are an opportunity for you to show some personality. So take your time and have fun choosing a pair that works for you and that helps create your own individual look. And of course once you find a pair you love, you can start expanding your collection so that you have different glasses for different occasions.Do you have a favorite pair of glasses? If so, what do you love about them?

A Few Changes...

You may have noticed some changes going on around here. We're in the middle of a sizeable upgrade to the site. Things are still a bit fluid, and I promise we'll be back and better than ever soon, including updated before/after images, a slideshow, and a welcome video. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience. Have a great week!Cheers,Julie

Your Fall Jacket Primer

One of my favorite activities at this time of year is selecting transitional jackets for my clients. Moderate in weight, the Fall jacket falls squarely between an overcoat or parka, and one made of light material like cotton or nylon. The reason I like this type of jacket so much is that the stylistic options are practically endless. Below are my top picks for Fall outerwear in 7 different categories.


Men's Style: Leather Jacket

The nice thing about this leather jacket from John Varvatos ($1898) is that its waxed texture won't show scratches or spills the way a softer, smoother leather does. But at the same time it still has a refined quality. The most important tip I can give you on buying a leather jacket is to make sure it fits perfectly. If you haven't read my leather jacket guide, check it out here.

Field Jacket

Men's Style: Field Jacket

Downtown meets classic country in this great Moncler field jacket ($1695). I love the combination of the quilting and knit fabrics for creating visual interest.

Biking Jacket

Men's Style: Biking Jacket

I probably should've called this jacket from Fay, "Field Jacket 2," as I'm not quite sure what a Biking Jacket is (the company's term, not mine). Nonetheless, I am very much into this refined yet approachable tweed wool coat which also comes in blue and gray.


Men's Style: Peacoat

A peacoat is one of the most versatile jackets around: you can wear it for everything from a night out to a trip to the gym. I like this one ($1795) from cult brand Camoshita for its elegant tailoring and supersoft wool-cashmere blend. Bonus that this mid-gray color is universally flattering.


Men's Style: Trenchcoat

You can't go wrong in this minimalist pick from Jack Spade ($595). It's a clean and modern take on the classic trench. Wear it for dressy or casual, rain or shine.


Men's Style: Quilted Vest

As I've said before, a thin down vest is a terrific layering piece. You can throw it over or under a sportcoat/suit jacket for extra warmth once the sun goes down. This navy one from J. Crew ($128) is perfect because it's thin and not as sporty as many other vests.


Men's Style: Denim Jacket

This jacket from Vince ($245) is a bit of a cheat, as denim is pretty lightweight. But when layered correctly, you can absolutely incorporate a jean jacket into your Fall repertoire. Rock it layered with a cardigan, hoody or wool vest. Bonus tip: for a bold-playful look, try it with a pocket square. If that's not your jam, but you still want to add a stylistic touch, then put your sunglasses in the chest pocket for an alternative take on the pocket square. You'll notice that my picks on a whole are simple and unfussy, which are good things to aim for with outerwear, especially when you're building a wardrobe. My suggestion: keep the jacket classic, especially if it's an investment piece. Then you can pull in trends, colors/patterns you love or personal touches via your accessories, like with the pocket square suggestion above, a scarf or even a lapel pin. That way, if you get tired of those things, you can easily change them up (which is much less painful than getting a new jacket every season!).What's your Fall jacket of choice? Leave me a comment or question below. I always love hearing from you!

No-Brainer Shirt and Pants Combinations

With business casual all the rage in many offices, the pairing of dress shirts and pants is a hot topic. In some ways, this is actually easier than putting together an outfit where you're considering suit (or blazer and pants), shirt, tie, and sometimes pocket square patterns. But still, based on empirical data (a.k.a. what I see when hanging out in clients' closets), a lot of people get it wrong. Below are 7 quick and easy points to keep in mind when selecting a business-casual dress shirt and pants combo.1) Avoid wearing striped pants with just your dress shirt. This tends to look a little "off," like you broke your striped suit apart and wore just the pants themselves.2) If you broke rule #1 and are wearing striped pants with just a dress shirt, don't worry I won't hunt you down. Just promise me that your dress shirt isn't striped too. How to match your shirt to your pants: herringbone3) If your pants have a pattern (plaid, windowpane, check, etc.), go with a solid shirt, and vice versa. Otherwise you border on looking clownish. Some fabrics are "tone-on-tone," which means they have a subtle pattern to their weave, like a herringbone, but are still all one color. Fabrics like that read as solids and are perfectly fine to wear with patterns. See above how, viewed closely, there appears to be a pattern in the shirt, but overall it reads as a solid. How to match your dress shirt with your pants: color combinations4) If you're very tall, you may want to break up your height by choosing pant and shirt colors that contrast one another, creating a horizontal line at your waist (see above left). On the flip, if you want to look taller, choose combinations where the colors are more similar in depth and intensity so as to create one long line top-to-bottom (above right).5) White goes with everything. In fact, the white dress shirt is a wardrobe cornerstone -- about as important as, say, a belt or a navy blazer. It comes in especially handy on the inevitable running-late mornings when you need to grab-and-go.6) A contrast collar shirt is mostly worn with a suit for a Wall Street-y look. But if you're going to wear it with just dress pants, opt for pants in a dark hue.7) For specific color recommendations, I like brown pants with pink, light blue, ecru and yellow shirts. And gray pants provide a solid anchor to brightly colored or boldly patterned shirts.Do you have trouble pairing dress shirts and pants? Leave me a comment or question below. I'd love to hear what's on your mind.Images via Mr. Porter and Bonobos.

What to Wear This Fall

I know what you may be thinking:Fashion trends...whaa? Those don't apply to me. They're for hipsters and models and the guys who stand outside the Abercrombie store. Right?Wrong! Just because your comfort zone is more mainstream than what you see in the runway images below, that doesn't mean you have to completely ignore the trends. That kind of thinking keeps you from stepping outside the box and trying new looks that can work for you. The key is to remember that you don't have to dress head-to-toe in these trends; you can instead pull bits and pieces from those that appeal to you and make them your own.With that in mind, read on for my top 5 Fall trends and corresponding shopping suggestions.Trend #1 American GigoloFall 2012 Menswear TrendsInspired by the cult-classic movie, American Gigolo style is all about looking good while enjoying the finer things in life. Think 70's-inspired details like double-breasted jackets, geometric patterns, double-flap shirt pockets and shearling trims.  One great way to inject some jiggy Gigolo-style into your wardrobe would be with this Michael Kors suede utility jacket, (below, $695).Mens utility jacket Trend #2 Black TieFall 2012 Menswear TrendsDesigners like Dolce & Gabbana, Canali and Givenchy featured a number of sleek looks geared for black tie affairs. While it's always a good idea to have a well-fitting tux in your closet for formal events, this trend can also inform your more casual looks. Think creatively by pairing Dolce & Gabbana's midnight blue Martini Tuxedo jacket (£1345) with a pair of jeans as shown below.Men's tuxedo jacket Trend #3 Horse and HoundFall 2012 Menswear TrendsWith classic materials like tweed, wool flannel, corduroy, cavalry twill and leather, this equestrian style is perfect for brisk Fall weather. Look for items with quilting, toggles, knee or elbow patches and patch pockets on blazers or sweaters. I am very much into this glen plaid shawl collar sweater ($265) from Polo Ralph Lauren, which captures several of these elements in one look.Fall 2012 Menswear Trends Trend #4 Old WorldFall 2012 Menswear TrendsThe feel is reminiscent of last Fall's industrial revolution trend but less "dirty" and much more buttoned up. Adding details to your look like gangster stripes, vests, contrast piping, and suspenders are great ways to implement this trend. If the look vibes with you, try Rag & Bone's light grey vest (below, $325).Fall 2012 Menswear Trends Trend #5 Tyrolean FolkFall 2012 Menswear TrendsYes, the name of this trend is a little out there, but designers really were inspired by the Tyrolean mountain men of West Austria. Check out the ethnic embroidery, diamond quilting and foulard and paisley patterns in the runway images. As I said above, I wouldn't suggest the everyday guy dressing head to toe in this look, but it might be fun to try a piece here and there that makes subtle reference to it. I love this non-traditional take on a quilted jacket from Etro ($2065).Fall 2012 Menswear Trends With Fall around the corner, now's the perfect time to start thinking about how to adjust your wardrobe for the new season. I hope the trends above inspire you to create looks for yourself that are relevant to your personality, lifestyle and taste.How are you planning to update your wardrobe for Fall?

(Runway images courtesy of Fashion Snoops.)

How to Get Killer Headshot Photos

When was the last time you updated your headshot? What, you don't have a headshot? No on for how to plan it, what to wear, and how to get it done with aplomb.Having a good headshot never seems urgent until something like a speaking engagement comes up or someone is writing a profile of you, and then all of a sudden you really need one. Even though this may not be at the top of your to-do's, trust me, people are checking you out online -- and forming impressions of you based on what they see. And thanks to Google Images, any public pictures of you are going follow you around long-term. Below are 9 tips for getting headshots that would make your mama proud:How to get great headshot photos1) Wear solid colors as much as possible. If you're wearing a patterned tie, make sure the pattern is not too busy or large in scale, since that will draw attention away from what people want to see to begin with -- that handsome face of yours. Showtime's CEO Matt Blank above gets it right with his clean, crisp look.2) Speaking of color, make sure the shade you have on flatters your skin tone. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to wear the right colors. (You can figure this out by having a color analysis done -- contact me for info, or more loosely by asking people whose judgement you trust what colors they think you look best in.)Bonus tip: If you have light colored eyes, play them up by wearing a color that matches them.3) Get your hair cut 5-7 days before photos. That's about the right amount of time for a new cut to "settle" in, especially if your hair stylist tends to cut you very short (sometimes they do this to make the cut last longer if you have trouble fitting appointments in). You can also get it cut closer to the date of your headshot, and let him or her know you'll be taking photos within the next couple of days and not to go too short.4) Choose your outfit carefully depending on the purpose of your photos. For example, the whole idea of a business headshot is to show people that you're trustworthy, professional and approachable yet self-assured. If you're in a field like finance or law, go with a suit and tie. For more creative and casual fields like advertising or technology, you can wear a blazer and dress shirt, or just the dress shirt. Whatever you plan on wearing, bring a few options to the shoot.How to get great headshot photos5) Consider the background. For something traditional in feel, have your photos taken in-studio. For a more interesting vibe that's still business-friendly, do them on location in your office -- if you're an executive, you might place yourself in front of a window overlooking the city, or stand powerfully in your office. If your photos are for personal use, or your industry is more casual, go outside and shoot in a park or in front of a cool background. See the image above of Jay Penske or my client Chris's "after" photo for examples. Once you know what background your photos will be shot against, be sure that the colors you're wearing don't blend into that.6) Your facial expression sets the tone for the photos. Do you want to look serious, approachable, powerful or easygoing? Figure that out, and you'll know how to pose.7) Choose a talented photographer for your shots, one who you feel comfortable with and whose work you like. Photographers often specialize in different types of photography, so it's a good idea to find someone who does a lot of headshots or portraits. (Victoria Janashvili did mine, and I was very happy with how they came out!)8) This goes without saying, but make sure your clothes are clean and pressed.9) Most importantly, be confident and show your authentic self. If you need to relax, jump up and down before the photos are taken and play music during the shoot. (A glass of liquid courage never hurt either...)I know this is a long list of things to consider, but keep your eye on the prize. The short investment of time, money and energy in getting a great headshot is absolutely worth it.Did these tips help you? Have more questions about how to handle your headshots? Leave me a comment below. I'd love to hear what's on your mind.

How to Look Irresistible: Dressing for Attraction

You made dinner reservations at a local hotspot. You got there on time. You brought your sparkling personality. But, hold the phone ... what are you wearing?

Style tips for dating

Imagine being on a first date and the woman sitting across from you is wowed by your incredible style. Or, if you're in a relationship, picture inviting your significant other on a date, and when she shows up at the restaurant, you look better than you’ve ever looked. And it reignites the excitement in your relationship. If either scenario sounds appealing, read my top ten below on how to sweep her off her feet with your crazy sexy style:1) Keep your body hair trim. (I recommend the Philips Bodygroom Pro for comfort and maneuverability.)2) Consider the five-o’clock shadow. Most women think this is sexy.3) Boxer briefs. Ditto.4) Women live for shoes and will judge you for yours. So wear nice ones5) When in doubt, keep your look simple. For a dressy date, go with a blazer, dress shirt and dark rinse jeans or chinos. For casual, wear dark rinse jeans or chinos and a well-fitting polo or henley.6) Figure out what colors you look best in and wear them. (Hint: Don't wear all black just because you think it's cool.)7) Make sure your clothes fit well: not too tight and not too loose.8) Find flattering sunglasses and wear them (but please rock your shades only during daylight hours).9) Keep your fingernails clean and neatly trimmed.10) Smile! Your smile is your best feature and the easiest way to send a relaxed and confident message.Of course, what's on the inside counts, but realistically, women are going to form early yet lasting impressions about you based on your appearance. So you might as well dress in a way that makes them sit up and take notice.I'd love to hear from you now. Leave me a comment and let me know how you dress to look irresistible. And stay tuned for an upcoming post on Style Dont's for Dating!Image courtesy of

How to Define Your Personal Style

Do you ever get so sick of your wardrobe that you want to toss the whole thing out the window? I often hear that sentiment from new clients – they’re tired of wearing the same boring blue shirt and khakis every day. I don’t blame them. If you don’t work at Blockbuster, why dress like it? If you’re in this kind of rut, now's as good a time as ever to define a new personal style. Below are eight tips on how to do that:1) Look for inspiration from celebrities, magazines and style blogs. Earmark looks or parts of looks that you want to try.2) Try elements of what you like and ask a friend whose opinion you value and who you know will be honest.Men's Style: Vespa Cufflinks3) Incorporate elements of your personality into your style. Love your Vespa? Wear a pair of cufflinks that pays homage to it. Integrating features of your unique personality into your look will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin – and make it more likely that you’ll actually wear your new items.4) Go ground up. The easiest, most pain-free first step in a style redo is new footwear – mostly because there's no tailoring involved, so you can literally walk out of the store in them. There’s something about a great pair of shoes that makes you stand straighter and walk with more swagger.5) Make sure the new look you select works for your body type. How to tell? Check out your overall silhouette in the mirror. Many of us home in on a certain part of our bodies when checking ourselves out. Try a more macro approach and see yourself as a larger whole. If the overall shape appeals to you, you'll know it’s flattering.Men's Style -- The Grocery Store Test Drive6) If you’re nervous to try something new, make like Gavin and take it for a test drive to the grocery store. See how you feel when you’re there. No one has to know you’re just going to the supermarket!7) Try a little at a time. I’ve seen too many closets full of one particular style that the client went whole hog on without realizing that it wasn’t right for him (Western shirts, I’m looking at you!). So pick one to start. If you find yourself going to that item again and again, you're ready to commit to getting more.8) Be patient and open-minded when you look at yourself in the mirror. Your eye is used to seeing you dressed in one specific way. The new look might be jarring and take some getting used to – like a new haircut.Defining your own personal style takes some work, but it's definitely worth it. Try the steps above, and let me know in the comments how you do. And if you'd like more tailored help with ramping up your look, contact me.

On Avoiding Polo Shirt Monotony

The polo shirt has been unfairly accused of looking boring, most notably in the summertime. The key to avoiding a polo snoozefest is, rather than having the same exact shirt in every color it comes in, finding a variety of styles and details that suit you depending on the occasion. There are loads of options to choose from: colored stitching to make it casual, or a contrast collar for pop, to name just two. Below are some of my favs for this season in 6 different styles.1. Supersoft CasualMen's Style: Billy Reid Polo ShirtThe small pocket, long placket, and contrast stitching (especially the unexpected diagonal lines to the right of the pocket) combine nicely to give this polo a laid back feel. I've gotten this specific top for a few clients, and they've all remarked on how soft and comfortable the fabric is. Billy Reid, $88. 2. Sporty StripeMen's Style: Gant by Michael Bastian PoloA polo that has horizontal lines across the upper half is excellent if you want to look broader through your chest and arms. I particularly like the fresh color combo on this one. Gant by Michael Bastian, $135. 3. Interesting DetailsMen's Style: Orlebar Brown PoloThe marled cotton and button-free placket give this shirt a understated-cool and even beachy vibe. It would look great with white jeans or rolled up chinos. Orlebar Brown, $119. 4. Button-Down CollarMen's Style: Brooks Brothers Black Fleece PoloThe good thing about a button-down collar is that the collar stands at attention and frames your face nicely. Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, $150.FIT NOTE 1: This model's sleeves are too long. The correct (and most flattering) sleeve length should be about halfway between your bicep and your elbow. Your tailor can shorten it if necessary.5. DressyMen's Style: Ralph Lauren Purple Label PoloA polo shirt is inherently casual and therefore should be untucked most of the time. This one is on the dressier side with its smooth fabric and slight sheen, so I'm ok with it being tucked in. Ralph Lauren Purple Label, $295. FIT NOTE 2: When worn untucked, the bottom hem of a polo shirt should hit just below your waistline. If it's any longer than that, you should get it shortened. 6. Quirky PrintMen's Style: YMC Polo Shirt I like how this polo is offbeat in its pattern but understated in its color palette. Keep the look low-key by wearing it with dark grey jeans, or flashy fellows can rock it a pair of red cotton chinos. YMC, $70.How about you? What are your favorite options from above, and how do you like to mix up your polos?