What to Wear on Valentine's Day

Your Valentine's Day Survival Guide

What is said to be the most romantic day of the year is coming up, so on that note, below are my top five tips on how to get this Valentine's Day thing right this year!


1) Get her flowers. Yes, it may feel trite, and she may have even told you not to do so, but trust me, she wants them. Pass on the carnations and go with a bouquet of roses -- white or purple are a nice change from the standard red.


Men's Valentine's Day accessories2) Accessorize yourself. Valentine’s Day is a fantastic time to inject your everyday look a shot of romance. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about anything strange or tacky (tuxedo’d monkey holding flowers: I’m looking at you), but rather selecting an accessory or two that shows your date you put a little extra thought into your outfit. If normally wear solid socks, this might be your day to bust through the Gold Toe barrier. Try these jammies from Paul Smith ($33). Remember, just a peek of the pattern will be showing (er, depending on how the evening goes). The dyed copper tie bar ($15) above Pauis another great option that gives a lot of style bang for minimal buck.


Valentine's Day gifts for women3) Bear gifts. She said she doesn't want a present? Of course she wants a present (see point #1). You can do no wrong with lingerie from Kiki De Montparnasse. Another tried and true gift is jewelry. But think outside the Tiffany box on this one; it'll show her you put some effort into finding something unique and special for her. I am a big fan of Borgioni's triple diamond slice necklace for its unconventional take on diamonds by the yard.


Handmade Valentine's Day Card4) Step away from the Hallmark aisle. Hand crafted greeting cards are luxurious (c'mon, it's an $8 card) but not that luxurious (c'mon, it's only $8). The few additional dollars you'll spend on the card above from Kate's Paperie will go a long way.


Valentine's Day cocktail5) Quaff romantically. Staying in for the evening? Whip up a signature Valentine's cocktail. The Riviera is about as red as you can get due to its use of blood orange juice and Dubonnet rouge.Wishing you all a happy and stylish Valentine's Day...Cheers,Julie

Valentine-Worthy Date Looks

A lot will dictate how well you pull off your Valentine's date look. Success depends on aligning your selection with what you'll be doing, where and with whom. That said, here are a few ideas that will hopefully inspire you to create your own looks for whatever your Valentine's Day plans hold. Keep in mind that the best choice for you is determined by your coloring, body type and personality, so these are meant to be broad suggestions.Casual dinner at your neighborhood joint...Navy blazer + thin grey cardigan (skip the top and bottom buttons) + white v-neck t-shirt + colorful pocket square + dark straight leg jeans + laceup bootsI love the addition of a thin cashmere cardigan beneath a blazer. It adds both warmth and visual interest. The colorful pocket square shows her that despite your decidedly casual look, you recognize the day’s significance.

Casual Dinner

Fancy night out...Navy suit + lavender dress shirt + grey pocket square + brown cap-toesThis year Valentine’s Day is on a Monday, which means most likely you're meeting her straight from work. This is the perfect excuse to wear one of your most versatile pieces: the navy suit. Pair it with a lavender shirt (points for thinking outside the white and blue shirt box), and as you leave the office lose the tie and unbutton your top two shirt buttons. 

Fancy Night Out Final

Somewhere in between...White jeans + grey blazer + black and white plaid dress shirt + penny loafersContrary to what you might have been told, white jeans can (and should) be worn year-round. They’re a refreshing and sharp-looking surprise in the dead of winter, and they look terrific with black and grey. Try them without a belt for a leaner look.

Somewhere in between

And all looks are, of course, + flowers.