Your Fall Shopping List

Men's Personal Shopper: Fall Fashion TipsEven if you’re still rocking shorts and polo shirts, the time is now to make plans for your cool weather wardrobe. I’ve been pounding the pavement and interwebs hard looking for the best items for my clients as the stores are flush with new merchandise. If you’re planning on doing some Fall shopping yourself, I must warn you that one of the worst things you can do is to go shopping without a plan or, at the very least, a list. Just wandering into a store aimlessly is for sure the easiest way to end up with nothing at all, or worse, to get pushed into buying a pile of clothes you’ll never wear. With that in mind, I created this list of 18 must-haves (or nice-to-haves) to inspire and keep you organized as you craft a smart Fall/Winter wardrobe.Transitional jacket -- think peacoat, car coat, or other medium-weight optionLeather jacket -- here’s how it should fitOvercoat -- buy now while the selection is good, and there’s still time to have one custom-madeOuterwear vest -- wool/cashmere/down, as in the header imageLined raincoat -- you can also get one with a zip-out lining, which is one of the most versatile garments you can ownDress boots -- yes, you can wear these with your suit!Bad weather boots -- look for options that are waterproof and have rubber soles for tractionWool/cashmere socks -- if you're tall or have very long legs, get ones that go over your calves so your legs remain covered when you sitWool/cashmere ties -- perfect for frigid days in combination with a scarfHat, gloves and scarf -- don't wait for someone to give these to you as a holiday gift!Winter-weight casual pants -- Incotex makes great corduroys and moleskin pantsHeavier-weight sport shirts -- a trim-fitting flannel is a great weekend go-toHeavier weight dress shirts -- in more tightly-woven fabrics like oxfordFall/Winter suits, dress pants and sportcoats -- look for tweeds, flannels and heavier-weight worstedsMenswear vest -- wear with jeans for a stylish going-out lookSweaters -- v-necks, polo-necks, henleys, thin cardigans and thick shawl-collared cardigans are good optionsLong sleeve tops -- in thick materials like waffle-knitHoodie -- look for one that's super soft and trim-fittingRemember, autumn is all about layering, so even if for example the idea of a thin cardigan or outerwear vest don't appeal to you, think about them in combination with the rest of your wardrobe. The more you can mix and match pieces, the more versatile what you own will be.If you'd like more tailored help with your Fall/Winter wardrobe, contact me. I'm currently booking appointments for the first week of October.Cheers,Julie

The Rath & Co. 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Socks, swords, and a sled built for speedfreaks...What more could you ask for this holiday season? Read on for 15 Rath-approved holiday gifts.


Men's Style: Wool Suiting Square

1) Make a quick getaway from your style rut with this wool suiting pocket square ($10). Wear it with a navy blazer or suit, a light pastel shirt and a dark wool tie.

 Men's Style: Russian Coat of Arms Flask

2) For the drink that's always with you, a stately flask with the Russian coat of arms ($25).

 Men's Style: Etro Herringbone Socks

3) Socks are a holiday gift list mainstay, and these Etro Herringbone socks won't disappoint ($39).



Men's Style: Wool Hat

4) This cozy wool hat ($88) comes in charcoal, navy and cream, so there's something flattering for everyone.

 Men's Style: Oliver Spencer Two-Tone Belt

5) I always like to look for belts that are a bit "different" to help my clients define their style, and this two-tone leather belt ($180) is an excellent find with its unexpected blue buckle.

 Men's Style: Jack Spade Dress Scarf

6) Silk scarves are dressier in feel than their wool or cashmere cousins, but they do work casually. Try one like this Jack Spade dress scarf ($185) draped simply around your neck when a tie is too much and an open collar just isn't cutting it.

 Men's Style: Pierrepont Hicks Tie Case

7) The frequent traveler's defense against wrinkly neckwear: a tie case ($185), this one from Pierrepont Hicks.

 Men's Style: Champagne Saber

8) Nothing says holiday cheer like swordplay. Make like Napoleon, and open your next bottle of champagne with a Champagne Saber ($189). (Yes, you really can open a champagne bottle with a sword; click for a video play-by-play.)


Men's Style: Etro Paisley Scarf

9) Manly yet romantic, this Etro paisley scarf ($245) can take an outfit from zero to sixty with one swift loop around the neck.


Men's Style: Burberry Touch Screen Leather Gloves

10) For the guy who can't afford to be unplugged, try Burberry's touch screen leather gloves ($325). 


Men's Style: Folding Beach Chairs and Table

11) Form and function come together elegantly with this collapsible beach table and chair set ($495) which folds down to the size of a tote bag.


Men's Style: Loro Piana Suede Belt

12) Sophisticated and sumptuous, this Loro Piana suede belt ($500) works with everything from jeans to a suit. And you don't need suede shoes to rock this -- it works just fine with brown leather in a similar shade.

 Men's Style: Thom Browne Briefcase

13) Nothing beats a smooth black briefcase for making a smart and stylish impression. This one from Thom Browne  ($1850) is a handsome option.

Men's Style: Smythson Rotary Watch Case

14) For the watch connoisseur, this solid leather rotary watch case ($3720) from Smythson has two Swiss-made rotators to keep his timepieces in top-notch condition.

 Men's Style: Stealth-X Sled

15) The Snolo High Performance Alpine Sled (price upon request) can hit speeds of over 40 mph on average gradient slopes, and, on top of that, it can be folded into a backpack by collapsing one locking nut. Perfect for the speed demon with space issues.

What's on your wish list this holiday season?

Successful Spring Layering: How to Roll in Like a Lion (or Lamb)

Happy (almost) Spring! Of course, one day's sunny and sixty-five could be another day's stormy and forty, so don't forget to dress strategically. The key to successful Spring dressing is layers. Below are five tips on how to layer for everything from lion to lamb, along with my top picks for Spring layering pieces.1) Wear thin combinations of layers, like a fine cashmere sweater, a Spring jacket, or a lightweight t-shirt. The more thin layers you wear, the more you can adjust to your comfort.2) Consider the vest. From down to leather to suiting fabric, there's a vest for every occasion. And remember, with a down vest, you can wear it over or under your suit/blazer.3) Just because you're not wearing your puffer doesn't mean you can't wear gloves and a scarf. I love the cool, nonchalant look of winter accessories on their own, without a heavy winter jacket.4) For days where it's too cold to wear your lightweight jacket but too warm to wear your heavy one, wear two lightweight jackets. Try a denim jacket beneath a one that's cotton-twill or nylon.5) This is pretty intuitive, but typically the easiest and most visually pleasing way to layer is to wear the lightest weight layer closest to your body, going thicker as you move away from it.And here are just a few of my Spring layering picks...

Lightweight Jacket

men's style: waxed jacket

Belstaff Gangster Waxed Cotton Jacket ($645): I admit, one of the main reasons this jacket caught my eye is its name (but let's be real, can anything from Mr Porter truly be categorized as "gangster"?). Name aside, it has a great trim fit, and waxed cotton is a good way to get the look of leather without the pricetag.


men's style: knit vestRag & Bone Milano Waistcoat ($255): This vest is is a nice piece because even though it's a sweater, it doesn't fall into the trap of looking frumpy (which sometimes can happen with open sweaters like cardigans and vests). The buttons, pockets and triangle-opening at the bottom give it a pulled-together, suiting feel.

Lightweight Scarf

men's style: lightweight scarf

Yigal Azrouel Tonal Colorblock Scarf ($135): Throwing on a lightweight scarf like this one is an easy way to cut the chill without risk of overheating once you go inside.For more specific Spring outfit ideas, click here. And if you'd like more tailored help with your Spring wardrobe, contact me.

Scenes from Paris

I can't believe it's already been three weeks since my trip to Paris. I had a spectacular time wandering the city and checking out all the shops on my list. When it comes to how the men over there style themselves, I will say this -- French men wear scarves like nobody's business. Even once indoors, the jacket comes off, but the scarf stays on. It's clearly an integral part of the outfit. Below are a couple mannequin shots I took outside Eglé Bespoke demonstrating different ways to incorporate a scarf into your to wear a scarfhow to wear a scarfNote in both images how the scarf doesn't cover up the other detail at the neckline -- tie knot or collars. It actually adds visual interest and dimension to the look, making it more sophisticated. Another nice thing about adding neckline detail is that it draws the eye upward making you look taller and flattering your chest. On top of that, the vertical lines created by the downward drape of the scarf are slimming...scarves for the win!Below are a few more images from the trip:Doorway on Rue du Mont ThaborColorful cufflinksLooking out the window of the Musée CarnavaletTaxidermy ceiling at Musée de la Chasse et de la NaturePatterned socks are a small detail that pack a lot of style punch (remember, only a sliver of the pattern is visible to others)Snowy night on Pont des ArtsCaught myself in this one

2011 Holiday Gift Guide

December is here, and you know what that means: 'tis the season for presents up the ying yang! Below is my top-ten list for holiday gifting. I hope you're able to find something on here for whoever is on your list (including yourself), and if you'd like shopping help tailored specifically to you, please contact me.Lanvin men's cufflinks1.// Lanvin rhodium cufflinks ($335) - Manly in an edgy yet subtle way, these cufflinks will match just about anything in your closet.2.// Microphone speaker ($24) - This quirky little speaker from MollaSpace comes in gold or silver tone. Perfect for the guy who likes a little extra attention.Men's wool hats3.// Wool hats - It takes a certain who-gives-a-damn attitude to wear a pom-pom hat. I like this one from Gant by Michael Bastian (above left; $85) because it has an old school feel, like something a Royal Tenenbaums character would wear. For a less statement-y but still stylish option, try the Christopher Kane hat (above right; $375). The houndstooth pattern is a nice upgrade from the standard solid skully.Men's Astrakhan hat4.// Astrakan ambassador hat ($385) - If the giftee in question is more traditional and appreciates old-world style, I would recommend this luxurious Astrakhan hat from the A Suitable Wardrobe store. It's great for travel because it packs flat.Viktor & Rolf Patchwork Hat5.// Viktor & Rolf patchwork scarf ($388) - A scarf is an easy holiday gift because you don't have to worry about fit. I'm a big fan of this patchwork number from Viktor and Rolf. All of the different patterns and textures give it a rich and interesting feel.Hugo men's pocket square6.// Hugo pocket square ($8) - There's no need to sacrifice style if your gift budget is modest. Snap up this gingham flannel pocket square from The Tie Bar. Its blue and black color combo is sharp in an unexpected way.David Family Wines 2007 Pinot Noir7.// David Family Wines 2007 Pinot Noir ($62) - Act fast: David Family Wines is about to end sales on their 2007 Pinot Noir, at which point it will go back into the cellar for additional aging (to be re-released in 2 years for $85/bottle). This gift is perfect for the discerning wine-lover: not only is it unbelievably delicious stuff, it also features a smart-looking leather label.Manhattan tools8.// Up Your Manhattan Game - In other booze news, after giving us the right ingredients for a solid Manhattan in last year's gift guide, this year whiskey enthusiast Josh Wortman shows us what tools to get. He recommends a Japanese glass mixing cup ($53), a bar spoon ($18), and a julep strainer ($11). Josh also likes these very small batch bitters ($18) made by soon-to-open Dutch's Spirits Distillery in upstate New York. And if you need recipes, grab PDT's new cocktail book ($16).Miansi tie bar9.// Miansai tie bar ($66) - Adding a tie bar is an easy way to take your steez to the next level. Don't be afraid of the pattern on this one from Miansai. It would work well paired with a solid grey wool or cashmere tie and the blue and black pocket square in #6 above.Tenue de Nimes x Travelteq men's laptop bag10.// Travelteq X Tenue de Nîmes laptop bag (€395) - Time is of the essence if you're into this handsome limited edition Tenue bag: only 50 pieces were made. The mashup of two traditional materials - Florentine Vacchetta leather and Japanese selvage chambray - gives it a classic-meets-modern style.There you have Rath & Co.'s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide! Hopefully there is something on here that nails it for you/your guy, or at the very least it inspires you to come up with your own thoughtful surprises. Happy gifting!

Rath & Co.'s Back to School Edition

Growing up, whenever a new school year rolled around, the only thing that made me not want to hide in the Indian Burial Ground near my house was the prospect of getting new clothes, particularly that all-important first day outfit. At this point in my life, I don’t really have an excuse to get a new Fall wardrobe every year but the idea persists. For Back to School 2010, I’m making my selections from a male perspective. So here you have what I would choose for back to school if I were a guy…As you may have heard before, you are way TOO COOL to be still wearing a backpack. A messenger bag, on the other hand, is the perfect fit for one’s manly carrying needs. I’ve been lusting over this Moore & Giles beauty ($485) in Nubuck Bison for some time. It would house my laptop perfectly (I measured – I’m good like that). I love the texture on both the bag and the shoulder strap. This bag crush is not going away anytime soon..Next up on my hit list is a pair of jeans from Billy Reid's collection for Levi's. The designer's prize for winning GQ's Best New Designer Award was to collaborate with Levi's and create a collection of tailored workwear denim. The results go on sale September 10, at 12:01 AM Eastern Time..You can never have too many well-fitting shirts, so here again I'm hitting up Billy Reid and his "dressy-casual whiskey-soaked style." The John T. shirt ($195) in blue & green strikes me as a nice way to incorporate some darker Fall colors without looking drab. Very cool how they've matched up the seams in back to create diagonals in the pattern (see below) -- a little extra Southern flavor on that flavor. I like it with these brown pants, but I'd also like to see it with charcoal grey, either on bottom or as a sweater or jacket...It's a little out there, but I could so rock this Barney's printed wool bow tie ($75). The patterned shirt actually tones down the loudness of this piece's message..If you're boot-obsessed like me, then you too hold the belief that no Fall shopping trip would be complete without a new pair of boots. Right now, I'm definitely vibing with the Diemme Roccia Vet boot (€280), which come from a collaboration between Diemme and Japanese retailer Beauty & Youth United Arrows. With the contrast stitching and colored laces and soles, they strike the perfect balance between stylish and masculine. They come in a couple different colorways -- my pick for myself would be the brown with blue laces above. You can get them here..My final picks are this cotton trench coat ($160) and lightweight denim scarf ( $24), both from Topman. Budget-friendly and machine-washable: doesn't get much better than's back in session!