Successful Spring Layering: How to Roll in Like a Lion (or Lamb)

Happy (almost) Spring! Of course, one day's sunny and sixty-five could be another day's stormy and forty, so don't forget to dress strategically. The key to successful Spring dressing is layers. Below are five tips on how to layer for everything from lion to lamb, along with my top picks for Spring layering pieces.1) Wear thin combinations of layers, like a fine cashmere sweater, a Spring jacket, or a lightweight t-shirt. The more thin layers you wear, the more you can adjust to your comfort.2) Consider the vest. From down to leather to suiting fabric, there's a vest for every occasion. And remember, with a down vest, you can wear it over or under your suit/blazer.3) Just because you're not wearing your puffer doesn't mean you can't wear gloves and a scarf. I love the cool, nonchalant look of winter accessories on their own, without a heavy winter jacket.4) For days where it's too cold to wear your lightweight jacket but too warm to wear your heavy one, wear two lightweight jackets. Try a denim jacket beneath a one that's cotton-twill or nylon.5) This is pretty intuitive, but typically the easiest and most visually pleasing way to layer is to wear the lightest weight layer closest to your body, going thicker as you move away from it.And here are just a few of my Spring layering picks...

Lightweight Jacket

men's style: waxed jacket

Belstaff Gangster Waxed Cotton Jacket ($645): I admit, one of the main reasons this jacket caught my eye is its name (but let's be real, can anything from Mr Porter truly be categorized as "gangster"?). Name aside, it has a great trim fit, and waxed cotton is a good way to get the look of leather without the pricetag.


men's style: knit vestRag & Bone Milano Waistcoat ($255): This vest is is a nice piece because even though it's a sweater, it doesn't fall into the trap of looking frumpy (which sometimes can happen with open sweaters like cardigans and vests). The buttons, pockets and triangle-opening at the bottom give it a pulled-together, suiting feel.

Lightweight Scarf

men's style: lightweight scarf

Yigal Azrouel Tonal Colorblock Scarf ($135): Throwing on a lightweight scarf like this one is an easy way to cut the chill without risk of overheating once you go inside.For more specific Spring outfit ideas, click here. And if you'd like more tailored help with your Spring wardrobe, contact me.