Scenes from Paris

I can't believe it's already been three weeks since my trip to Paris. I had a spectacular time wandering the city and checking out all the shops on my list. When it comes to how the men over there style themselves, I will say this -- French men wear scarves like nobody's business. Even once indoors, the jacket comes off, but the scarf stays on. It's clearly an integral part of the outfit. Below are a couple mannequin shots I took outside Eglé Bespoke demonstrating different ways to incorporate a scarf into your to wear a scarfhow to wear a scarfNote in both images how the scarf doesn't cover up the other detail at the neckline -- tie knot or collars. It actually adds visual interest and dimension to the look, making it more sophisticated. Another nice thing about adding neckline detail is that it draws the eye upward making you look taller and flattering your chest. On top of that, the vertical lines created by the downward drape of the scarf are slimming...scarves for the win!Below are a few more images from the trip:Doorway on Rue du Mont ThaborColorful cufflinksLooking out the window of the Musée CarnavaletTaxidermy ceiling at Musée de la Chasse et de la NaturePatterned socks are a small detail that pack a lot of style punch (remember, only a sliver of the pattern is visible to others)Snowy night on Pont des ArtsCaught myself in this one