Your Fall Jacket Primer

One of my favorite activities at this time of year is selecting transitional jackets for my clients. Moderate in weight, the Fall jacket falls squarely between an overcoat or parka, and one made of light material like cotton or nylon. The reason I like this type of jacket so much is that the stylistic options are practically endless. Below are my top picks for Fall outerwear in 7 different categories.


Men's Style: Leather Jacket

The nice thing about this leather jacket from John Varvatos ($1898) is that its waxed texture won't show scratches or spills the way a softer, smoother leather does. But at the same time it still has a refined quality. The most important tip I can give you on buying a leather jacket is to make sure it fits perfectly. If you haven't read my leather jacket guide, check it out here.

Field Jacket

Men's Style: Field Jacket

Downtown meets classic country in this great Moncler field jacket ($1695). I love the combination of the quilting and knit fabrics for creating visual interest.

Biking Jacket

Men's Style: Biking Jacket

I probably should've called this jacket from Fay, "Field Jacket 2," as I'm not quite sure what a Biking Jacket is (the company's term, not mine). Nonetheless, I am very much into this refined yet approachable tweed wool coat which also comes in blue and gray.


Men's Style: Peacoat

A peacoat is one of the most versatile jackets around: you can wear it for everything from a night out to a trip to the gym. I like this one ($1795) from cult brand Camoshita for its elegant tailoring and supersoft wool-cashmere blend. Bonus that this mid-gray color is universally flattering.


Men's Style: Trenchcoat

You can't go wrong in this minimalist pick from Jack Spade ($595). It's a clean and modern take on the classic trench. Wear it for dressy or casual, rain or shine.


Men's Style: Quilted Vest

As I've said before, a thin down vest is a terrific layering piece. You can throw it over or under a sportcoat/suit jacket for extra warmth once the sun goes down. This navy one from J. Crew ($128) is perfect because it's thin and not as sporty as many other vests.


Men's Style: Denim Jacket

This jacket from Vince ($245) is a bit of a cheat, as denim is pretty lightweight. But when layered correctly, you can absolutely incorporate a jean jacket into your Fall repertoire. Rock it layered with a cardigan, hoody or wool vest. Bonus tip: for a bold-playful look, try it with a pocket square. If that's not your jam, but you still want to add a stylistic touch, then put your sunglasses in the chest pocket for an alternative take on the pocket square. You'll notice that my picks on a whole are simple and unfussy, which are good things to aim for with outerwear, especially when you're building a wardrobe. My suggestion: keep the jacket classic, especially if it's an investment piece. Then you can pull in trends, colors/patterns you love or personal touches via your accessories, like with the pocket square suggestion above, a scarf or even a lapel pin. That way, if you get tired of those things, you can easily change them up (which is much less painful than getting a new jacket every season!).What's your Fall jacket of choice? Leave me a comment or question below. I always love hearing from you!