Just Browsing (CNBC Eyebrow Grooming Fail)

I was flipping channels the other morning when I came across the above specimen of non-eyebrow grooming. At first I thought it was a joke, like maybe David Faber was having a snooze in the green room when Erin Burnett took a razor to one half of his brows and some crazy glue and a fake mustache to the other. But after a few minutes with no one batting an eyelash or, er, a long eyebrow strand, and showing David Faber how foolish he looked, I realized that it was no joke indeed.I’m not saying guys should go out and get their eyebrows perfectly formed, but when the pieces are so long they start to tickle your eyeballs, or you have one eyebrow instead of two (a unibrow? uh...check please), it’s time for a little grooming action. Find a reputable salon in your area and ask the groomer to reduce your brows. Tell him or her that you do not want scarily feminine eyebrows of the Jesse Metcalfe variety, but rather normal, cleaned-up, but still masculine ones. Then get yourself some tweezers and a pair of small scissors, and touch them up yourself in between visits, being careful not to get overzealous. Also consider using Givenchy’s Mister Eyebrow fixing pencil which contains adhesive polymers to keep those stubborn stragglers in line.P.S. Dear TV-photographing, I wish I knew how to quit you.