Rath & Co.-Approved Backpacks

Men's backpackI know I've said before that no grown man should be seen wearing a backpack, but rules were made to be broken. Designers have been giving us some surprisingly terrific options lately, which makes me more inclined to suggest this style bag for my clients. The vibe on these is cool and grown-up -- not a backpack you'd use for Lunchable and Trapper Keeper-toting. Below are seven that I'm particularly fond of in varying price ranges. Mulberry HenryMulberry Henry Men's BackpackFrom the venerable Mulberry brand, the Henry backpack ($570) is sleek and sophisticated, and the gold hardware adds an element of class. This backpack is padded and sturdy enough to carry a laptop. The Brothers Bray & Co. Rucksack

Brothers Bray Men's Rucksack

Urban Outfitters calls this attractive surplus-style option ($98) from The Brothers Bray & Co. a rucksack. It might be a easier for you to feel like a grown-up carrying a backpack if you call it by this term ("It's not my backpack. It's my rucksack."). Whatever butters your biscuit. Navy Altitude Rucksack

Navy Men's Altitude Rucksack

Another of the rucksack ilk, this one from Topman ($60) is a great, affordable option. At this price, I wouldn't trust it to hold a laptop, but it can certainly get you around town in style otherwise. Ally Capellino Alisdair BackpackAlly Capellino Alisdair BackpackMade from durable (and beautiful) leather and blue Harris tweed, this backpack (£475) for sure is an investment. It will, however, last forever if you take care of it. Fjallraven Anniversary Kanken Mini

Fjallraven Anniversary Kanken Mini

A common site on the L train here in NYC, the Fjallraven can run the risk of looking hipster-y when worn in one of the bright primary colors. That's why I like the subtler vibe of the leather label and shades on offer for the anniversary edition ($60). Seil Marschall Canvas Climber's BackpackSeil Marschall Climbers LW Men's BackpackLike the Fjallraven above, this bag from Seil Marschall ($475) has a 70's day hike feel, but the leather and metal accents make it appropriate for stylish city life. There you go, 7 fantastic, Rath & Co. approved backpacks for Fall. Now there's no excuse for dressing like the middle schooler next door.