Men's Style: What to Wear on July 4

I can’t think of a more American brand to give a quick shout out to on this most American of all American holidays than Gant, even if the company is now Swedish-owned. Gant was founded by Bernard Gant, an industrious Ukranian immigrant whose dream was to become "a real American." His first job off the boat in 1914 was sewing shirt collars in a sweatshop in NYC's garment district. In 1941, he started his namesake line, which epitomizes tried and true American style -- "casual, comfortable, reflecting the good life and leisurely lifestyles on the American East Coast."I snapped this picture of a Gant handloom madras shirt, known as “The Hugger” at the very cool, industrial-inspired Gant Rugger store ($115; 353 Bleecker St; 212.620.5949). This lightweight, ultrasoft cotton charmer would be a sound choice for a weekend that I sure hope finds you in full-on cocktail, bbq and firework mode. The good life and leisurely lifestyle indeed!Check out the stealth pinup girl patch hidden behind the cuff. She looks ready for the long weekend too...

Happy bday America!