Reader Question: Stylish Leather Porfolio

Question: I need advice! Looking for a father's day gift for a CEO that can be used daily! I want to buy a nice, stylish leather portfolio that can also accommodate an iPad. Preferably not a cache with a handle but more of a "man-clutch" for lack of a better word. -- LindsayAnswer: Hey Lindsay, what a nice gift idea! So for your mutch (sounds more manly than "man-clutch"), you want something durable since he'll be carrying it everyday, and it needs to be strong enough to hold the iPad. Check out Coach's Crosby Leather Portfolio ($298). It's the perfect size for an iPad + some other stuff, feels v professional, and won't scratch because of the pebbled leather. It comes in black or brown here, and a cool striped version here (see below left and right).Men's Style: Leather PortfolioHappy Father's Day to your man, and let me know how you do!-Julie

Reader Question: Versatile Briefcase

Question: Hey Rath & Co! I see that you have some fun backpack recommendations...how about a nice, professional, hip, not-too-expensive briefcase? Big enough to carry a laptop, cute enough for after-work drinks and nice enough for an interview. Thoughts? -Arielle (on behalf of boyfriend)Answer: Hey Arielle (+ boyfriend),Here are three briefcase-type bags that I love and that fit your criteria. Note that you don't want to go too inexpensive with something like this because you'll be carrying your laptop in it. So it needs to be sturdy and well-constructed.Each suggestion below has a slightly different vibe:Jack Spade Men's Briefcase J. Crew-Billykirk Men's SatchelDoucal's Men's BriefcaseCheers, and let me know how you do!-Julie