The Go-To Power Suit

Someone asked recently what my go-to power suit is. I think he was surprised when I gave my answer in three letters: F-I-T. It's not about what brand you're wearing because, after all, if your "killer" suit doesn't fit you, it's more or less harmless. Every client that comes to see me has different bodily proportions that dictate how his clothes will fit. If you have proportions that let you buy off the rack without any gapping or pulling, then lucky you. If not, then I recommend custom. When you want to bring out your big guns, nothing shows your in-the-knowness like a suit that fits like a glove. Go see my guys over at Michael Andrews Bespoke. They are the real deal custom, and you'll get a flawless fit every time. Plus, you're likely to spend less there than you would buying a luxury brand suit off the rack from a high-end department store. Not to mention that their new digs are the coolest surprise I've ever encountered down an NYC alley.