Wardrobe Change: Jake the Bachelor's Tie Selection

What I learned from last night's episode of The Bachelor on ABC: if your tie is bad, it's ok to change it...and then change it again, even if you're in the middle of a rose ceremony.There are a few reasons why this look is so sad. First, the knot on the tie looks like an awkward box (whoever tied it didn't pinch the base enough while pulling the wide end through the loop). Second, you can see the top button of his shirt behind the tie. The tie knot should always cover shirt buttons, or it’s Schlubtown, USA. Also, the shirt hangs open on the left side of his neck, which makes it look like it either doesn’t fit correctly or isn’t pressed right. Finally, the pattern on the tie. Wavy lines near one’s face are not a good thing. You want people to smile when they look at you, not get a migraine!This second look is better but still not great. Although the knot on his tie is much improved, the tie itself has that fancy-80's-bathroom-wallpaper thing going, which I would not advise wearing – that is unless you’re a time-traveling powder room from the Playboy Mansion.Finally...harmony. This combo is much improved. The tie is all class, no glitz in sight, and the blue shirt brings out the blue in his eyes. This color is a good choice for him, as it gives him an extra glint while he slowly but methodically weeds out all ladies not deserving of his pilot’s wings.I have perhaps overshared about my affinity for The Bachelor, but last night's episode provided some good lessons about neckwear indeed!