WWMFW (What Would Mr. Fox Wear): Breuer's Knit Ties

You may think I’m all kinds of crazy for saying so, but some of the coolest clothes I have seen recently were worn by animals. Not just any animals, but rather the fanged, furry stars of Wes Anderson’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which I finally saw on video a few nights ago. These critters sport beautifully tailored suits, sumptuous knits, and cozy corduroy, all of which have me jonesing for some brisk Fall weather. Of course, the blazing NYC summer is still in full effect, but the fact is, Fall/Winter clothes have already dropped, and you’d be hard pressed to find a decent selection of summer gear anywhere other than at a sample sale.And so it was no surprise yesterday that when breezing through Bergdorf’s men’s department, I was immediately drawn to these relaxed but stylish cashmere and wool-silk blend neckties by Breuer for Bergdorf Goodman ($145-175). They would be perfect for a fox, badger, gopher, or yes a person, on those frigid winter days when even your eyeballs are cold. Particularly well-suited to those in a creative field, these ties manage to offer both a bit of self-expression and a nod to business dress. These bad boys are great with tweed suits or rough-textured odd jackets. I’d also like to see them worn more casually with a denim shirt. A four-in-hand or any simple tie knot is best here, as this fabric is thicker than that of most ties, and you want to keep your knot proportional to your face. These ties might look more relaxed, but if worn properly, they’ll give you an extra edge. So make like an animal and prepare early for Winter -- it'll be here before you know it.