Ebay Find: Sold Out Navy Penfield Stapleton Jacket

I was ecstatic when Massachusetts-based Penfield launched this color combination of their classic Stapleton jacket back in November of last year. It looks purple, but it's actually navy. The color is smart, fresh and fits well with the old-school leather shoulder yokes and patch pockets. Cleverly, they only produced 50 of these bad boys, and it soon became a nearly impossible-to-find cult item, especially after a mention in GQ.  What's nice is that it fits closer than your average down coat and therefore feels very current. The big down jackets I was brought up with could swallow this thing whole without doing nearly as good a job protecting you from the elements. Here are some specifics: Teflon coated 60/40 cotton nylon, 255g of premium 80/20 goose down, water resistant and windproof fabric. It retailed for $264. Bidding here starts at $199 on a size XL and ends February 21, at 9:46 PM EST. Good luck!