Rathie Spies: Theory Jacket Price Arbitrage

I've been trolling my usual haunts for one of my favorite men's wardrobe items, Spring jackets, and I came across the wax-coated Theory jacket above. It's called the Delancy Rockit Jacket (why the goofy name, Theory? and why did you spell "Delancey" wrong?). I suppose I have Theory on the mind these days, especially with their upcoming sample sale this week. But back to the current object of my affection. To summarize:Military Touches + Heavy Metal Edge = Extreme CoolnessThe waxed finish gives it a stylish leather-like look, without the leather pricetag. Speaking of price...this jacket is available at Barneys Coop, Saks and Tobi.com for $395, but Bluefly has it for $237. On top of that, if you use the code AFF20FS, Bluefly will give you $20 off and free shipping (expires 2/28), so you get this ridiculously cool jacket for almost half off retail. That's what I call shopping wizardry!