Preview of Billy Reid Roper Boot Fall/Winter 2010

It snowed all day here in Manhattan with no end in sight, and so my thoughts have turned to boots as per usual. The folks over at Billy Reid were kind enough to share with me the above preview shots of their totally dope Roper boots for Fall/Winter 2010. Of course, this is not the kind of footwear that's appropriate for today's brutal conditions, but anyone who's read this blog knows that I will look for any excuse to talk boots. I did my fair share of drooling over 2009's installment of the Ropers, but Billy Reid managed to reinvent them in several gorgeous new finishes in addition to the original mahogany, and now I can't decide which I love most. The black ones have just the right subtle touch of biker style. The worn toe of the light brown ones imply a rough and tumble masculinity that I find very appealing. And the dark brown brushed leather ones are just a little bit cowboy.  Three unique new flavors of a much-loved boot. Billy says that one thing every man should own is a good pair of boots. In this case, I'd bump that up to three -- one for every mood!