How to Wear Plaid for Summer If You're Not a Lumberjack

Designers have plaid flannel-ed us silly over the past few seasons, and the trend doesn't appear to be going anywhere. Plaid itself is a timeless pattern, although it's understandable for one to call me biased given the tartan background of my website. If you're not engaged in the chopping down of trees but are wondering how to wear this style in a subtle, non-grunge trend way, I suggest trying a plaid silk necktie in a traditional width, 3 to 3.5 inches. The sheen of the silk feels fresh in contrast to the near ubiquitous plaid in duller fabrics like flannel and cotton. If you wear it in this way, you'll be referencing the style ever so slightly, but because you aren't diving head first into it, or combining it with other trends like skinny tie width, these pieces will still feel current for years to come. Above are a few of my favorite choices for Summer. From left to right: Drakes $135, Fairfax $130, Etro $155, Fairfax $130, Drakes $135. All from Barneys New York.