Rathie Spies: Façonnable Leather Jacket Sale Alert

I ducked into Façonnable out of yesterday's rainstorm and was greeted by the chocolate brown gaze of this devastatingly handsome goatskin leather jacket.Yes, at $1295 (30% off $1800), it's a long-term investment, but this jacket is the kind of timeless piece that will improve with age and last a lifetime. I like the patch pockets and matte finish gold snaps, but the best part about it is the buttery soft leather.When buying a leather jacket like this one, the most important part is fit. You can't alter leather without paying an arm and a leg, which you're probably not going to be in the mood for after spending your Friday paycheck on something like this. So make sure it fits trim to the body, particularly in the shoulders and under the arms, and that the sleeves hit right at the base of your wrists and no lower.Jacket can be found at Façonnable, 636 5th Ave at 51st street, NYC, 212.319.0111.