Quilted Jackets

Fall/Winter Style Tip #2: Get a Killer Coat

Men's Style Tips: OuterwearDid you put together a great outfit today? That's all well and good, but I gotta tell you: if your outerwear is bad news, it doesn't matter what you have on under it. Your look is shot.Your coat or jacket sets the tone for your look, so read on for how to bring it up to speed.A lot of times my one-on-one clients know they need outerwear but don't know where to start. There are a multitude of different types of these jackets, and it can be really confusing, especially if you're shopping online (do you know what a "utility jacket" is???) To simplify your options, I've broken them down by length and given you samples for each. Click the links to see the samples.Here's what you have to choose from for Fall and Winter outerwear:Waist lengthIncludes: bomber, vest, leather and suede (usually this length, but they can also go to upper-thigh), denim (good for layering)Upper-thigh length (length hits about where your hip creases when you lift your knee up)Includes: parka, field jacket, utility jacket (has four pockets on the front), shirt jacket, peacoat, sporty shell-type jacketMid-thigh lengthIncludes: raincoat, overcoat (here's my rundown on how to shop for an overcoat)Knee lengthIncludes: overcoat, dressy/traditional raincoatOf these options, it would be great if you owned one from each length category, but if you can't swing that, try for one from each of two categories, preferably one with a dressy feel and one with a sporty feel. That helps add versatility so you aren't wearing the same thing day in and day out.And make sure the jacket or coat fits you properly. The seams should hit right on the edges of your shoulders, the sleeves shouldn't go past your wrists, and it should fit trimly through the torso, but you should be able to button/snap it.Cheers,JulieP.S. Make sure to check out Fall Style Tip #3 which shows you how to break the monotony if you find yourself wearing the same thing day in and day out.

The Best Part of Spring: Lightweight Jackets

Aside from the gorgeous weather, for me a sure sign of Spring is a sudden jonesing for the perfect lightweight men’s jacket. This time around, I’m expanding the search to jackets plural because there are so many fantastic options out there.Here are a few that I'm especially fond of in varying styles.This jacket is the smart result of another high-low partnership, this time between the middle-of-the-road UK department store John Lewis and Joe Casely-Hayford, British designer of luxury menswear brand, Casely-Hayford. I always love a leather jacket, and both the olive color and quilting nicely distinguish this lovely creation from all those black and brown leather bombers out there. ($604).With the Brock Jacket, Elie Tahari takes the somewhat overplayed Member's Only style and gives it a shot in the arm by combining it with classic trench coat details. The color, epaulets, pockets and tortoise buttons all say sophisticated mackintosh, but the abbreviated length modernizes the look. This jacket is an excellent choice for transitional outerwear. ($302).I'm very into this Microcheck Jacket from Armani Jeans. It gives you that sporty style without looking like you're wearing the hoodie from your tracksuit. Another nice thing about this type of men's jacket is the modified shorter collar that's meant to be worn up. It looks clean and sharp, and you don't have to be the guy that goes out of his way to pop a collar that was intended to be worn flat. As one friend says, "popped collars = I need attention." ($295).Army jackets are big this Spring, so if you're thinking you want to march to that beat, I'd recommend Diesel's Jonca Jacket. It's a stylish but not overdone take on the look. So even if and when this trend has passed, you'll still be able to wear this handsome anorak without feeling like you've been-there-done-that. ($220).I classify APC's navy military style jacket as a shacket (shirt-jacket combo) because it has the formal styling of a shirt and is shaped straighter than jackets typically are. Beyond the freshness of this style, the epaulets, patch pockets and navy color all provide additional charm. And if you want it to be a little less shacket-y, you can tighten the adjustable drawstring at the waist for a more blouson look. ($280).On a budget? You're in luck. All-Son designed this surplus jacket exclusively for Urban Outfitters. It comes in grey (above) and olive green. It's got that tough, been-around-forever feel that I find very appealing. ($68).Not on a budget? Well you've got luckypants too. Check out this handsome leather vest from Salvatore Ferragamo. It's got a hint of tough downtown edge, but the gorgeous brown leather keeps it all class, all the time. Yes, it's pricey, but imagine how much more it would be if it had sleeves! ($1950).There's such a huge variety of styles to choose from when it comes to lightweight jackets, and that's why my affinity for this wardrobe staple is so strong. No matter your taste, body type, face shape or coloring, there's something out there for you. So go tear off that down monster and open up a can of Spring.