Spring Jackets

How to Turn Heads This Season: Spring-Summer 2013 Trend Report

It’s been a long, frosty winter, and I am thrilled to write this Spring/Summer 2013 trend report. Below are 4 Spring trends to take note of and corresponding shopping suggestions. As always, it’s up to you how literal you want to go with these. You can adapt them loosely for a subdued look or embrace them more fully, as in the runway images below. Either way, enjoy!


Trend #1: Africa

Men's Style: Spring 2013 TrendsMixing ethnic and tribal prints with classic shapes is key to making this trend wearable. Ikat (one of the oldest patterns around, though its exact origin is unknown) is a great way to rock the look. The clean silhouette and large masculine gridlines on this Balmain shirt ground the lively print, making it suitable for an everyday casual vibe.Men's Personal Shopper: Spring Trends


Trend #2: Globe Trotter

Men's Style: Spring 2013 TrendsThis trend incorporates a wide variety of cultural references, while using comfortable fabrics which work well for the frequent traveler. Consider materials like bleached chambray, linen knits, tissue linen, crinkled leather and destroyed denim. This slim-fit cotton and linen blazer from Canali would be the perfect traveling companion and a classic way to adapt this style. Throw your shades in the breast pocket for added sophistication.Men's Personal Shopper: Spring Trends


Trend #3: Seafarer

Men's Personal Shopper: Spring 2013 TrendsOne of my personal faves, this trend brings the nautical look from the deep blue to the streets. Look for sailor stripes, lightweight peacoats, double-breasted jackets, and scarf prints. I like the stripe placement on these Michael Bastian tops below left and right because they broaden you across the chest and shoulders, creating a nice V-shape down to your waist.Men's Personal Shopper: Spring Trends


Trend #4: Tailored Sport

Men's Personal Shopper: Spring 2013 TrendsTailored Sport is a good example of a trend you likely won't want to interpret literally. I can't think of any clients with situations where it would make sense to wear warm-up pants with a sportcoat. But, if elements of this look appeal to you, take inspiration from sporty materials like nylon, pique, and polished cotton. This Sacai jacket is nicely tailored and would work well either to and from the tennis court or out to a casual dinner.Men's Personal Shopper: Spring Trends


How will you be freshening up your look this Spring?

Cheers to peeling off the layers!


Transitional Jackets: Spring is Almost Here

Transitional jackets are one of my favorite categories of menswear. These mid- and lightweight pieces are a terrific way to add variety to your layering without the bulk of most winter jackets. Not to mention the need for pieces like this signal the happy end of a ridiculously cold and sloppy winter. Below are a few of my favorite options in a variety of style that will take the edge off those chilly mornings and nights but won't weigh you down during the day.A.P.C. cotton peacoat ($430). This classic style typically found in wool feels very fresh in lightweight cotton..F.M. Allen Avedon Coat ($498). This sportcoat-inspired style is great for someone on the traditional side who wants to infuse some ruggedness into his look. Best of all, this puppy is machine washable. Filson Mackinaw Cruiser ($280). The shacket (shirt-jacket hybrid) is a versatile piece you can wear over a single item in Spring or do some serious layering with in the cooler months. You get a lot of bang for your buck out of a piece like this..All-Son Military Jacket ($68). After season upon season of shoulder buttons and tabs, I've pretty much reached my breaking point with the military trend. But I do like this subtle rendition from All-Son for Urban Outfitters. I'm not even sure why they call it "military" -- maybe it's the chest pockets? Names aside, it's a little less in-your-face than the standard military look without those excessive shoulder details. Nice style at a good price. 'Nuff said.

The Best Part of Spring: Lightweight Jackets

Aside from the gorgeous weather, for me a sure sign of Spring is a sudden jonesing for the perfect lightweight men’s jacket. This time around, I’m expanding the search to jackets plural because there are so many fantastic options out there.Here are a few that I'm especially fond of in varying styles.This jacket is the smart result of another high-low partnership, this time between the middle-of-the-road UK department store John Lewis and Joe Casely-Hayford, British designer of luxury menswear brand, Casely-Hayford. I always love a leather jacket, and both the olive color and quilting nicely distinguish this lovely creation from all those black and brown leather bombers out there. ($604).With the Brock Jacket, Elie Tahari takes the somewhat overplayed Member's Only style and gives it a shot in the arm by combining it with classic trench coat details. The color, epaulets, pockets and tortoise buttons all say sophisticated mackintosh, but the abbreviated length modernizes the look. This jacket is an excellent choice for transitional outerwear. ($302).I'm very into this Microcheck Jacket from Armani Jeans. It gives you that sporty style without looking like you're wearing the hoodie from your tracksuit. Another nice thing about this type of men's jacket is the modified shorter collar that's meant to be worn up. It looks clean and sharp, and you don't have to be the guy that goes out of his way to pop a collar that was intended to be worn flat. As one friend says, "popped collars = I need attention." ($295).Army jackets are big this Spring, so if you're thinking you want to march to that beat, I'd recommend Diesel's Jonca Jacket. It's a stylish but not overdone take on the look. So even if and when this trend has passed, you'll still be able to wear this handsome anorak without feeling like you've been-there-done-that. ($220).I classify APC's navy military style jacket as a shacket (shirt-jacket combo) because it has the formal styling of a shirt and is shaped straighter than jackets typically are. Beyond the freshness of this style, the epaulets, patch pockets and navy color all provide additional charm. And if you want it to be a little less shacket-y, you can tighten the adjustable drawstring at the waist for a more blouson look. ($280).On a budget? You're in luck. All-Son designed this surplus jacket exclusively for Urban Outfitters. It comes in grey (above) and olive green. It's got that tough, been-around-forever feel that I find very appealing. ($68).Not on a budget? Well you've got luckypants too. Check out this handsome leather vest from Salvatore Ferragamo. It's got a hint of tough downtown edge, but the gorgeous brown leather keeps it all class, all the time. Yes, it's pricey, but imagine how much more it would be if it had sleeves! ($1950).There's such a huge variety of styles to choose from when it comes to lightweight jackets, and that's why my affinity for this wardrobe staple is so strong. No matter your taste, body type, face shape or coloring, there's something out there for you. So go tear off that down monster and open up a can of Spring.